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A modern, neat and tidy reception area made homely with a warm welcome, always.

  • Spacious consulting room
  • Modern examination facilities and equipment
  • Seating for clients (and the vet!)

examination room

We believe the consulting room is one of the most important areas in a veterinary surgery, where you and your pet should feel relaxed for an effective consultation.

Diagnostic Laboratory


We have modern automated and computerised blood testing machines capable of doing

  • Complete blood biochemistry
  • Full haematology
  • Full blood gas and electrolyte analysis
  • A number of hormonal assays
  • Spot tests for number of important dog and cat infectious diseases.
  • With a small amount of blood, we can run tests covering from a 1 to 40 parameters and get the results while you wait!

In a great number of cases, this facilitates making diagnosis on the spot!

Diagnostic Imaging


  • Dedicated radiation protected imaging suite equipped
  • High performance X-ray machine
  • Modern Computerised Radiography (CR) processing system.

These systems facilitate production of high quality diagnostic images within seconds, which can then be used for variety of purposes and analysed in detail, downloaded or emailed with ease. The system is also capable of allowing the images to be viewed simultaneously by the radiographer at the surgery and an expert sitting anywhere in world.

Anaesthetic Systems


  • Multiple anaesthetic machines
  • Piped anaesthetic gas system with a supply safety alarm system
  • Oxygen and nitrous oxide supplied to each machine. The latter serving as a pain relieving agent during general anaesthesia
  • Active scavenging system on each machine

Anaesthetic gases are NOT recycled in these machines.

These systems facilitate a smooth general anaesthesia and a prompt recovery once the procedure is complete.

Surgical Preparation Area

Prep Room

  • Dedicated surgical preparation room, with modern facilities and equipment for instrument and patient preparation
  • Full surgical facilities for contaminated surgical procedures
  • Modern dental machine with ultrasonic scaling system

Operating Theatre

Operation Room

  • Dedicated operating theatre
  • Modern operating table, light and equipment
  • Advanced multi-parameter patient monitor providing simultaneously monitors up to 9 different vital parameters on the patient under general anaesthesia

Isolation Facilities

With the advancement of vaccinations the prevalence of contagious disease in pets is rare, but should we suspect a patient to have a contagious disease, we have a purpose designed and equipped isolation unit to keep such patients.

In-patient Facilities

A range of modern safe and comfortable kennels
Temperature controlled area
Positioned to facilitate good monitoring of in-patients

Computer Systems

  • Paper free practice management system
  • Computerised record of clinical history, diagnostic lab results, diagnostic images and photographs.
  • This facilitates a very easy and quick access to patient records on any of our networked computers.







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